Welcome to my Blog

My name is Bryan

I’m 20 years old and I live in Holland
I started creating this Blog because of my study, because we had to create a Blog as an assignment.
So every now and then, you’ll see me updating my blog with school assignments.

Something about my situation at home:

I live in Nieuwegein, that’s about 20 minuten from my school, the Hoge School in Utrecht.
Most of times I go by bus, but cycling is also possible to me.

I still live with my parents and I have a little sister.

I’m currently following the ICM course (International Communication & Media)
While typing this, I’m in the Web Skills classroom, creating my Blog 😛
This is the first week of the study and I think it’s really nice (at least didn’t have a boring lesson yet :P)


After 2 weeks, I added some blogs already, and I have deadline coming Monday. So I need to add two more blogs. Keep watching my blog as I’ll be adding them!