Digital Books vs Regular Books

Computer technology has become more and more important in the past few years. Factories use computer technology to produce their products faster and more efficiently. Not only factories use computers, schools also have started using computers to teach students the material they need to know. This has caused some schools to use digital books instead of regular books.

Of course this change has pros and cons.
One of the advantages is that the students don’t have to carry all their books with them anymore, because the books are on the Internet anyway. Or students could take a USB-stick with them with all their books on it.

Another good thing about digital books on the Internet is that you can never forget to bring them to class and they can’t be damaged as a result of spilled drinks or too small bags.

One of the disadvantages is that student are completely dependent on computers which is very expensive for both schools and students.
If the school would have to buy enough computers to provide all of their students with access to a computer. Moreover, if everything is digitalized, the school actually has to buy a computer or notebook for every single student. Schools simply don’t have enough money for that.
And if students all have to buy notebooks that would be a problem too, because students don’t have the money either.

Another aspect would be the education quality. Would digital books improve the quality of education or would it actually worsen the quality of education?


Of course these examples are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages of changing from regular books to digital books.
So please tell me what you think about this change and why you think that.
If you have questions about the subject you can ask me as well, and I’ll be glad to answer them as best I can.

Underneath, you can watch a videoblog about this topic as well:

Also, click this link to have some more info on the topic:


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