A New Hype Called Twitter

All of a sudden, you hear it everywhere. Everybody started using Twitter.
What is Twitter anyway?

Actually, Twitter isn’t that new at all, it was already launched in 2006, but then not everybody seemed to care about it.
Only since last year, everybody seems to be using Twitter.

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service, that allows people to send messages and read messages, so called Tweets, from other users.
It has grown so popular in the past few years, that even companies created profiles to “supply” everybody with information about their company, sales, discounts, new products, etc. To my opinion, this is just spam…

This is also the reason why I think Twitter is just a hype, because it’s again a social networking service to connect to people from a over the world. Don’t we have enough of them? I can’t imagine that someone has actually different friends on Twitter than on Facebook, Flickr or any other social networking service.
Also, you hear Twitter everywhere nowadays, even in newspapers and other media. So the media is actually drawing everyones attention to Twitter, and in my opinion to pursuade everyone to create a profile.
Another reason why I think Twitter is a hype is because of the whole concept, because I think it is completely unnecessary to post a Tweet every minute.
People could actually track every movement you’re making through that… and why would anyone want that? This kind of non-information sounds completely useless to me.

In this video, the Twitter concept is explained in plain English:

I don’t have anything against people using Twitter, I just don’t care about what people are doing every moment of the day and I don’t want to tell them what I’m every moment of the day.

So, what do you think about Twitter? Comment on this post to let me know.

Reference: http://www.molblog.nl/bericht/twitter-hype/


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