A New Hype Called Twitter

All of a sudden, you hear it everywhere. Everybody started using Twitter.
What is Twitter anyway?

Actually, Twitter isn’t that new at all, it was already launched in 2006, but then not everybody seemed to care about it.
Only since last year, everybody seems to be using Twitter.

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service, that allows people to send messages and read messages, so called Tweets, from other users.
It has grown so popular in the past few years, that even companies created profiles to “supply” everybody with information about their company, sales, discounts, new products, etc. To my opinion, this is just spam…

This is also the reason why I think Twitter is just a hype, because it’s again a social networking service to connect to people from a over the world. Don’t we have enough of them? I can’t imagine that someone has actually different friends on Twitter than on Facebook, Flickr or any other social networking service.
Also, you hear Twitter everywhere nowadays, even in newspapers and other media. So the media is actually drawing everyones attention to Twitter, and in my opinion to pursuade everyone to create a profile.
Another reason why I think Twitter is a hype is because of the whole concept, because I think it is completely unnecessary to post a Tweet every minute.
People could actually track every movement you’re making through that… and why would anyone want that? This kind of non-information sounds completely useless to me.

In this video, the Twitter concept is explained in plain English:

I don’t have anything against people using Twitter, I just don’t care about what people are doing every moment of the day and I don’t want to tell them what I’m every moment of the day.

So, what do you think about Twitter? Comment on this post to let me know.


User-generated Content

It has almost become a common thing: giving a comment to an article and letting people hear our own voice about matters we are interested in. Then someone else responds to your opinion and gives his/her own opinion.

You can find this phenomenom almost everywhere nowadays, but this hasn’t always been like that. A few years ago, people could not simply publicly give there comment on news articles. This only started around 2005. Since then, we no longer have to rely on the general media and the biased view of the publishers.

Even official newspapers joined the world of User-Generated Content (UGC), allowing readers to comment on today’s matters. People can comment on the quality of the news as well, so news writers can take that into account and improve their newspapers. Stores also use this more often. People can comment on their products and give advice to the distributer to improve their products.

Facebook, Flickr and Youtube are examples of sites existing of UGC. People can post all kinds of media freely and this allows other people to look in their lives as much as the publisher wants them to.

Unfortunately there are also disadvantages to UGC, because the data published on the web could be violated and used for unintended purposes. Another problem is that everybody can add their comment or edit informational sources, such as Wikipedia. This causes the level of professionalism and truthfulness on the web to drop.
Because of this, it is unsure whether the publisher is actually basing his comment or judgement on factual data.
Another criticism would be whether the posts are all legal issues or should some of them be blocked from the audience?

Watch the film to have some more info on the subject, discussed by Tom Murphy of Revenue at SES San Jose 2009

So, UGC allows us to comment and let everybody hear our voice about any subjects we’re interested in, but is it a problem that ANYTHING can be published?

Reference from: –    

Digital Books vs Regular Books

Computer technology has become more and more important in the past few years. Factories use computer technology to produce their products faster and more efficiently. Not only factories use computers, schools also have started using computers to teach students the material they need to know. This has caused some schools to use digital books instead of regular books.

Of course this change has pros and cons.
One of the advantages is that the students don’t have to carry all their books with them anymore, because the books are on the Internet anyway. Or students could take a USB-stick with them with all their books on it.

Another good thing about digital books on the Internet is that you can never forget to bring them to class and they can’t be damaged as a result of spilled drinks or too small bags.

One of the disadvantages is that student are completely dependent on computers which is very expensive for both schools and students.
If the school would have to buy enough computers to provide all of their students with access to a computer. Moreover, if everything is digitalized, the school actually has to buy a computer or notebook for every single student. Schools simply don’t have enough money for that.
And if students all have to buy notebooks that would be a problem too, because students don’t have the money either.

Another aspect would be the education quality. Would digital books improve the quality of education or would it actually worsen the quality of education?


Of course these examples are just a few of the advantages and disadvantages of changing from regular books to digital books.
So please tell me what you think about this change and why you think that.
If you have questions about the subject you can ask me as well, and I’ll be glad to answer them as best I can.

Underneath, you can watch a videoblog about this topic as well:

Also, click this link to have some more info on the topic:


Here´s a blog about my favorite genre of music: METAL \m/

I’ve been to a few concerts in the past few years
Here is a small list of bands I’ve been to:



This September I’m going to Blind Guardian in Tilburg 013
It’s gonna be really awesome

My favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold, but they haven’t been in the Netherlands when I could have seen them, so that’s a pity
I hope eventually I will be able to see them live

Until then I’ll just enjoy their music

This is Avenged Sevenfold’s new single Nightmare
From the album Nightmare

So if anyone likes to discuss stuff about metal, please leave a comment
If you don’t like metal you also can leave comment and maybe discuss why you don’t like it
or talk about other genres.
Just to make myself clear: I don’t like grunge metal, so please don’t comment with the fact that’s too
dark or way to loud.